We are apart of a MOVEMENT to help human beings all over the world through the power of the horse with letting them be the teachers with our objectively driven programs that bring changes to build solid skills moving forward in life.

Who Are We?

Kari Fulmek

Master Instructor, Facilitator & Owner of

Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning

Carolyn Charles

Instructor & Facilitator Director of Sales and Marketing 

Karsyn Skuter

Facilitator & Social Media Guru

Who Are We & Why The Heck Did We Start This Movement In Helping Others?

We are people who have seen the changes that happen when human meets horse. Through working with horses and having objectively driven programs that we have results for human beings every single time we run our experiential learning programs.


We have research backing these programs that have proven that when we introduce the horse into learning, people learn faster and retain their learning versus working within a classroom setting. Human beings need to interact, need to get out of their comfort zone, need to work with intimidation (which is the horse) to grow and build skills they need to move forward in life.


Whether they be youth, women and men, the horse helps people come to the solutions in their life versus a human being telling them what they need to change. Humans are amazing in the fact they have the answers to their life problems, but because we do so much thinking with our brains we forget, we lose our voice, we lose who we are, we lose our purpose, and we lose being our authentic selves. This is where the power of the horse comes in as they do not judge, do not lie and help people to be honest with themselves.

We are the Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning are we run not only Certified Equine Assisted Learning School for all who want to become facilitators, but we also help youth at risk and women at risk by providing these objectively driven programs with a beginning, a middle and an end with results where they can parallel into their own lives. This horse course was designed with research that has been done on how human beings learn and on how wild horses communicate and then they were brought together to create these incredible programs to help people build solid life skills by the designed Tamara MacKinnon. A 5-year research study was done on her programs with the University of Calgary, University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan.


We started this movement as we know not everybody will become a certified facilitator but we know because so many humans have been affected by a horse in some way that we all want to be apart of something bigger than ourselves, something that has tangible purpose and something that can help another human being to become strong and a leader to themselves. This is now your chance to be apart of just that. For a very small fee you can now help your community or people that you know need this program and you will give it as a gift from your heart! Find out how...


Who Are We?

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