Picture this… you hand over a gift to someone or an organization who is trying to move forward in their life, who is trying to build skills to become stronger in their life, who want to see light at the end of the tunnel but just can’t, who wants to turn their life around but they just don’t know how too.


Our purpose on earth is to help people. And isn’t it an amazing feeling? Paying it forward is by far the most rewarding thing in the whole world! We are globally helping people all over the world and you too can be a part of the family in helping others in our journey on earth.


Have you ever had the opportunity to inspire people through working with horses? Or have you been inspired or empowered by working with horses yourself? Let’s tell the world all about it!


This international movement is designed for people around the world to come together and belong to a family. A family of like-minded people who want to move forward in their own lives, or help others move forward in theirs. Not only is there a huge interactive component to becoming a member; but it’s all geared towards helping others! You will gain knowledge on how horses communicate and BECOME the movement, in helping by giving a gift from you to someone (or an organization helping people). You decide on who you feel needs it the most. By giving a “Gift Certificate” for 6 equine assisted learning programs. 2, 3 or 4 people value worth $1560 - you can pay it forward to the people who need it most. 


Bottom line.... You can help people to gain strong life skills through working with horses in this international horse club!

What Is The Movement?

Who Are We
& Why Did We Start This?
How Can I Help?

A Gift For Your Community From Your Heart

We are here to help other human beings.

pay it forward
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